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ERP Expert Witness

Dan Leader has been an independent expert witness in numerous failed ERP implementation arbitration and litigations over his career. His position as a well-recognized industry thought leader, his analysis and understanding of over 500 ERP implementations throughout his 35-year career, and his unbiased understanding of the industry makes him an excellent expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Attorneys typically hire Mr. Leader to help analyze a range of issues, including (but not limited to):

  • Client vs. vendor roles and responsibilities
  • Contract and SOW disputes
  • What was promised during the sales cycle versus what was delivered
  • Best practices in ERP implementations
  • Software development and customization issues
  • Organizational change management and training issues
  • Business processes that are misaligned with the ERP software
  • User Acceptance Testing and sign-off issues
  • Cases related to Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, and other types of ERP software

To learn more about Mr. Leader’s background and experience please visit his LinkedIn profile here:

If you are an attorney in need of ERP or Digital Transformation project failure expert, we invite you to contact Dan Leader for a private consultation.