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Technology and Business Process Optimization

NVC specializes in objectively assessing an organization’s Technology and Business Processes. Business Process Optimization involves the evaluation or rethinking of a company’s current processes, identifying potential inefficiencies, drafting a strategy for improvements, and change over to those improvements. Because an ERP solution automates your business processes, before implementation is the ideal time to evaluate those processes and streamline them. Optimizing processes and automating workflows associated with your implementation provide an opportunity to improve customer service, streamline operations, improve delivery and speed, lower costs, and increase profits.

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Enterprise Software Evaluation and Selection

NVC specializes in objectively assessing an organization’s mission critical business, financial, operational, planning and decision support systems. Our technology and business assessment, ERP software evaluation and selection projects often include Finance and Accounting, IT, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Business Intelligence and other business critical functions and legacy systems.

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Implementation & Consulting Services

Implementation & Consulting Services

Implementation of your ERP solution takes considerable time, money and commitment. Once the right ERP Software has been selected, a successful rollout depends on several factors, especially a close partnership with the right consulting firm. The team at NVC has developed industry best practices to work closely with you to utilize a time-tested implementation methodology to ensure your organization is up and running in a timely fashion, meets your objectives and achieves significant ROI on your new system.

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