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Managed Services

Ongoing support and maintenance of a software solution after its implementation is just as important as the implementation, as the real adoption happens after the implementation. The total cost of ownership can drastically increase for customers if support is not properly planned or implemented. At NVC, we have developed a deep understanding of both formal and informal, support structures and the nuances involved.

NVC brings value to customers in two ways:

  • Help select a partner for ongoing support and help launch a right sized support apparatus
  • Provide support services ourselves. NCV has a network of professionals and support partners that can be brought under our management and using our methodology. This will provide high quality, but cost-effective support services
Managed Services
In both options we follow a time-tested process to carefully structure the support team and customize the support methodology. The support methodology primarily includes the following phases:
  • Initiation & Planning: In this phase, we primarily accomplish the following tasks:
    • Defining the scope of the support engagement
    • Identifying all the participants/stakeholders and their roles
    • Developing an appropriate Service Level Agreement
    • Developing the timelines for the support phases
    • Adopting standards with inputs from stakeholders
  • Transition (to the new partner/team): In this phase the planning done in the previous phase starts getting executed. At a high level, it has the following activities:
    • Knowledge acquisition by the incoming support team/resources
    • Knowledge transfer by customer team or outgoing partner team
    • Shadowing of current support/implementation team by the incoming support team
    • Handover of support operations to the support team
  • Stabilization: In addition to planning and transition activities, NVC highly recommends allocating a period of stabilization where the sustenance team members and all other stakeholders will adopt the support process and settle into their respective roles. Usually this phase lasts for 1-3 month-end closes, based on the size of the organization and the complexity of the scope of support.
  • Steady State & Continuous Improvement: After stabilization, the support services enter the Steady State phase, where in, the focus is on further baselining the delivery and comparing the KPIs against the established Service Level Agreement. Customer feedback and satisfaction are diligently sought and measured for continuous improvement. In some large organizations, continuous improvement is designed to be a separate phase based on how much baselining is necessary.

A key benefit of having NVC participate in the ongoing managed services is that, while we will ensure a high level of service for day-to-day operations, we can also help with progressing along the larger IT roadmap and introduction of best practices, as needed.