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Technology & Business Assessments

NVC specializes in objectively assessing an organization’s critical business, financial and operational systems. Our technology and business assessment, ERP software evaluation and selection projects often include: Finance and Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and other key package software and custom or legacy systems and applications.

In simple terms, your organization has outgrown the existing technology, perhaps just like you might have outgrown your “starter house”. As you may have learned recently, enterprise, financial, CRM and related technology has changed rapidly in many ways. Ranging from the introduction and maturing of SaaS and Cloud-based products to the convergence of social media and enterprise software, functionality is increasingly becoming more robust, and in some ways, simple, and other ways more complex.

Defining what is really needed to support the business now and in the future, in contrast to “bells and whistles” features is often a complicated task, even for people who know their business well. Additionally, several tier 1 software companies have been on an acquisition binge while others are on a survival mission. These trends make the challenge of selecting the right software package even more daunting.

What functionality does the business really need? Is it Accounting software, a full-blown ERP package, and should you include CRM, SCM, e-commerce or other extensions? In technical terms, how well integrated are the modules and what does this mean for your IT organization?

Technology and Business Assessments